Yasmine, daughter of HK actress Christy Chung, stuns audience with bold outfit changes at Beyoncé concert


    23rd September 2023 – (Houston) Yasmine, the 23-year-old daughter of renowned actress Christy Chung and her first husband Glen Ross, has been making waves with her recent appearance at a Beyoncé concert. The young socialite fearlessly disregarded conventions as she boldly changed outfits in front of the audience, leaving spectators in awe of her audacious fashion choices.

    Yasmine, blessed with her mother’s stunning looks and a figure to envy, has been gaining attention for her bold fashion statements. At the recent Beyoncé concert, she attended with a group of friends and surprised everyone with her fearlessness. Despite wearing a casual white tank top and jeans initially, Yasmine caught everyone off guard when she shamelessly changed outfits right in front of the crowd Captured in a video shared on her Instagram, Yasmine can be seen using a piece of fabric as a makeshift cover while she confidently removed her bra in full view of the audience. The daring move showcased her ability to transform her look on the spot, leaving onlookers amazed by her swift and seamless wardrobe change.

    After her daring transformation, Yasmine further enhanced her new ensemble with bold makeup. She joyfully sang and danced along with her friends, fully immersing herself in the electrifying atmosphere of the concert. The video of her outfit change went viral, capturing the attention of netizens who were impressed by her quick and skilful technique.


    Yasmine, known for her candid and witty remarks, shared a message on her Instagram alongside the video. She wrote, “When you get ready AT the concert, instead of getting ready FOR the concert.” This lighthearted caption garnered praise from her followers, who admired her spontaneity and carefree attitude.