Xpeng expands strategic partnerships and Europe plans in ambitious overseas expansion drive


22nd February 2024 – (Beijing) Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng has announced a strategic partnership with Ali&Sons, based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and has included Italy in its plans for European expansion. This move reflects Xpeng’s ongoing efforts to accelerate its presence in overseas markets.

The partnership with Ali&Sons in the UAE adds to Xpeng’s existing collaborations with local dealers in Egypt, Azerbaijan, Jordan, and Lebanon. Xpeng plans to introduce multiple models to the Middle East and North Africa, with sales scheduled to commence in the second quarter of this year. In a statement released on its WeChat account, Xpeng announced that the G6 and G9 SUV models will be available in the UAE from the third quarter, while the P7 sedan and G9 SUV will be delivered to Jordan and Lebanon from the second quarter, and to Egypt from the third quarter.

Furthermore, Xpeng has expanded its European market plans to include Italy, in addition to its previously announced intentions to enter Germany, Britain, and France. This ambitious expansion strategy was initially unveiled at the IAA Mobility Motor Show in Munich last September.

In addition to broadening its global footprint, Xpeng aims to strengthen its workforce and increase investments in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development. The company recognizes the fierce competition in the world’s largest auto market and describes it as a “bloody sea.” By focusing on hiring top talent and advancing AI capabilities, Xpeng aims to navigate these challenging waters and solidify its position as a significant player in the industry.