Xiaomi’s chairman unveils impressive order figures for the SU7 electric vehicle


3rd April 2024 – (Beijing) Lei Jun, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi (HKG: 1810, OTCMKTS: XIACY), disclosed the latest order statistics for the tech giant’s inaugural electric vehicle (EV) model, the SU7, showcasing a remarkable level of consumer interest.

Within just a few days of its launch, the Xiaomi SU7 has garnered over 100,000 confirmed orders, with more than 40,000 orders locked in, as announced by Lei during a ceremony commemorating the first delivery of the EV model.

Xiaomi officially introduced the SU7 at a highly anticipated event on the evening of March 28, commencing customer orders at 10 pm on the same day. Today marked the commencement of initial deliveries, with Lei personally handing over vehicles to selected owners at Xiaomi EV’s factory in Yizhuang, Beijing.

“Today will be etched in our memories for many, many years to come: the official debut of the Xiaomi car,” remarked Lei during the delivery ceremony.

“The true revolution of smart cars has now begun, and it is certain that China will witness the emergence of a company as influential as Tesla,” he added.

Apart from the factory, Xiaomi EV’s first stores in 28 Chinese cities have also initiated deliveries of the SU7.

The SU7 is available in three versions—standard, Pro, and Max—with respective starting prices of RMB 215,900 ($29,840), RMB 245,900, and RMB 299,900.

Customised standard and Max models are scheduled for delivery at the end of April, while the Pro version will be available by the end of May, as announced during the vehicle’s launch event.

Additionally, Xiaomi is offering a limited Founders Edition of the SU7, restricted to 5,000 units, priced the same as the standard and Max editions.

Deliveries for the Founders Edition, which have already been produced, commenced today, and customers are unable to customise the vehicle’s configuration.