Xi Rong Ji, probably the best Taizhou restaurant in Hong Kong


13th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Xi Rong Ji, a one Michelin -star Taizhou cuisine restaurant in Wan Chai which hails from Shanghai opened in 2018. The cuisine emphasises the natural flavours of ingredients, which are only sparingly seasoned with aromatics. Wild-caught yellow croaker from the East China Sea is the speciality here; other recommendations include deep-fried conger eel and braised radish and seasonal offerings are also available.

Picture credit : Instagram/@shanghaigirleats

Signature dishes to try include claypot rice cooked with fresh pomfret fish and their amazing Peking duck. The skin is crisp and airy. Dip it in sugar before eating and you can then roll up the juicy duck meat with other condiments in handmade pancakes.

Picture credit : Instagram/ @margaritafores
Picture credit : Instagram/ @natalie_ly

Another must-try dish is sea anemone with sweet potato noodles.

Price : HK$300-HK$500 per head.

Xi Rong Ji Restaurant,

Address:  China Overseas Building, 138 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai.

Tel: 3462 3516