Xi Jinping’s instructions emphasise new industrialisation as key task for China’s modernisation journey

President Xi

25th September 2023 – (Beijing) Chinese President Xi Jinping, also the general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, delivered important instructions on advancing new industrialisation. Xi highlighted that achieving new industrialisation is crucial for China’s comprehensive pursuit of modernisation and national rejuvenation in the new era. He stressed the need for full implementation of the new development philosophy, coordination between development and security, and the right approach to promoting new industrialisation in the country’s new journey.

Xi emphasised that promoting new industrialisation is a systematic project that requires unified leadership by Party committees at various levels, government implementation of plans, enterprises playing a principal role, and participation from the entire society. He called for innovation, shared responsibility, and collective efforts to push forward new industrialization, contributing to China’s transformation into a great modern socialist country.

A national meeting on promoting new industrialization was held in Beijing from 22nd to 23rd September, where Xi’s instructions were read out. Chinese Premier Li Qiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Premier Li emphasised the significance, principles, and tasks outlined by Xi in his instructions. He called for a thorough understanding and earnest implementation of Xi’s instructions on new industrialisation. Li acknowledged that Xi’s remarks since the 18th CPC National Congress have enriched the Party’s understanding of industrialization and provided valuable guidance for its promotion. He stressed the importance of following the new development philosophy, adhering to the path of new industrialisation with Chinese characteristics, and building China into a manufacturing power to achieve high-quality development and Chinese modernisation.

Li highlighted the need to adapt to changing times and strengthen resilience and security in key areas and sectors of the industrial and supply chains. Accelerating innovation in industrial capacity and promoting the optimisation of industrial structure were also emphasised, along with the integration of digital technology into the real economy and the pursuit of green development. Li called for continuous reform and opening up, complementarity among enterprises, appropriate industry distribution through functional zoning, and utilisation of domestic and international markets and resources to drive new industrialization.

The meeting’s concluding speech was delivered by Vice Premier Zhang Guoqing, who stressed the importance of aligning actions with Xi’s instructions and the decisions of the CPC Central Committee. Zhang called for strengthened Party leadership, enhanced political responsibilities, and systems thinking to advance new industrialization. He emphasized the need to focus on technological innovation, industrial security, upgrading industrial systems, and promoting digital and green development. Zhang also highlighted the significance of further reform, opening up, and injecting momentum and vitality into new industrialisation efforts.

The teleconference-style meeting was attended by leading officials from provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities under the central government, designated cities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, relevant central Party and government departments, people’s organizations, financial institutions, central government-owned enterprises, military sectors, and select manufacturing enterprises.