World Cup former champions Totti, Puyol, and Villa lead thrilling football coaching for Kids in Tseung Kwan O, amidst complaints and police intervention

Insert picture: Francesco Totti

12th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A group of retired football stars, including the legendary Francesco Totti, stalwart Spanish defender Carles Puyol, and World Cup Golden Boot winner David Villa, have already arrived in Hong Kong to take part in the Chinese New Year Cup. However, their recent participation in a football coaching session on the third day of the Lunar New Year faced an unexpected turn of events—a complaint.

Following their morning press conference, the star-studded lineup wasted no time in heading to the Jockey Club HKFA Football Training Centre in Tseung Kwan O to engage in the football coaching session. Among those present were Totti, Puyol, Wesley Sneijder, Villa, and Mikael Silvestre. Together, they joyfully played football with the children, with Puyol wearing a radiant smile as he interacted with the young players, while Villa expertly guarded the goal. The atmosphere was filled with jubilation, and even players from the nearby Lee Man Football Club flocked to witness the star-studded spectacle.

However, it appears that the event’s sound system may have been set too loud. In the midst of the coaching session, police officers arrived on the scene to address the situation. Reports suggest that the noise from the event reached nearby residential areas, prompting complaints from residents. It was an unexpected sight to witness world-class football players being reported for causing a disturbance during their visit to Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, football luminaries gathered in Hong Kong on Monday, ahead of the eagerly anticipated Lunar New Year Cup, pledging to the press their commitment to participating and ensuring an entertaining match. The event, set to occur tomorrow at the Hong Kong Stadium, will showcase 17 renowned global football stars such as Brazilian World Cup winner Rivaldo, Spanish World Cup champion and ex-Barcelona captain Carles Puyol, and Italian World Cup victor and former AS Roma leader Francesco Totti, who will join forces to form the World Legends team. They are poised to face off against the Hong Kong Legends in what promises to be a thrilling exhibition match. David James, the erstwhile Liverpool custodian, expressed his excitement about sharing the pitch with these iconic figures and confirmed the presence of all 17 stars. Chan Siu Ki, a striker with Eastern District of the Hong Kong First Division, and a member of the Hong Kong Legends, shared his childhood admiration for these global icons and his anticipation for a formidable contest.