Workers spotted overloading taxi with sandbags in Kwun Tong, driver looks helpless


25th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Sometimes it may not be convenient to take the bus with one or two bags, and people may choose to take a taxi home instead. However, if there are too many or large items, a taxi may not be a suitable option. Recently (22nd), a netizen in Kwun Tong saw three workers wearing gloves loading a large number of sandbags into a taxi, even filling up the back seat. It appears that they were transporting the bags to another location, and the taxi driver looked helpless.

The related video sparked discussion, with many netizens concerned about whether the taxi could still operate after loading such a heavy load. Some also questioned whether there would be an additional charge for the goods and whether it would be more expensive to call a van instead. In addition, some netizens pointed out that the behaviour of the three workers may be illegal, as taxis are not allowed to carry goods and their load exceeded the amount allowed for personal hand-carry luggage.