Worker’s misfire of grass trimmer causes injury as projectiles hit minibus in Fo Tan

Lok Lam Road

8th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) During a grass trimming operation on Lok Lam Road in Fo Tan, a worker unintentionally struck a stone wall with a grass trimmer at 12.21pm today. This caused stones to be propelled outwards, coinciding with the passing of a green-top minibus at the scene. One passenger on the minibus was struck and injured by a stone that shattered the window, necessitating their transportation to a hospital by ambulance. Authorities arrived to investigate the cause of the incident and have deemed it an unintentional occurrence. The worker promptly resumed grass trimming with additional personnel deployed to cover the area with canvas, preventing a repeat of the incident.

The unusual accident took place in Fo Tan, specifically on Lok Lam Road. At approximately 12.21pm on the 8th of April, a worker was engaged in grass trimming activities on a slope. It is suspected that the grass trimmer accidentally made contact with a stone wall, causing stones to be forcefully propelled outward. Coincidentally, a green-top minibus was passing by the location when the incident occurred. The stones struck the minibus, piercing through one of its windows and causing injury to a passenger. The injured individual required immediate medical attention and was transported to the hospital by an ambulance.

Authorities swiftly responded to the scene to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. Initial findings suggest that the incident was an unintended consequence of the grass trimming activity. While the investigation is ongoing, there are currently no indications of suspicious or deliberate intent.