Worker suffers severe injuries in industrial accident at Chill Residence development in Yau Tong


9th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Poly Property’s Chill Residence at 29 Ko Chiu Road in Yau Tong was the site of an unfortunate industrial accident yesterday afternoon (8th). A 50-year-old welder named Mr. Ng fell from a height of 6 meters while working with steel beams, sustaining multiple injuries and losing consciousness. Paramedics arrived at the scene and promptly transported him to Kwong Wah Hospital for emergency treatment. The police have classified the incident as an “industrial accident with personal injury” and are currently investigating.

According to reports, Mr. Ng’s injuries are severe, including facial swelling and lacerations on the left side, fractured facial bones, abrasions on the left knee, and a crushed right pelvic bone. His condition is currently critical. The Industrial Accident Victims’ Rights Association expressed their sadness over the incident and is providing assistance. The injured worker is married with an adult child.

Mr. Ng was responsible for the distribution of steel beams at the construction site. Witnesses among his coworkers claim to have seen him untie a safety rope and move the beams when the accident occurred, possibly tripping over one of the beams and falling from the 6-meter height. As there were no closed-circuit television cameras at the location, further investigation is required to determine the exact cause of the accident.