Wong Tai Sin District reports 17 distress calls in hiking incidents as of 15th May


26th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A 37-year-old mainland Chinese man tragically fell to his death while hiking on Lion Rock recently. The law enforcement authorities in the Wong Tai Sin district revealed that as of 15th May this year, they have received a total of 17 distress calls related to hiking activities, which is comparable to the same period last year. The accidents occurred primarily on Lion Rock and Fei Ngor Shan, resulting in one fatality and four injuries.

According to the law enforcement agencies, many of these accidents can be attributed to inadequate preparation and individuals embarking on hikes alone. In response, a collaborative effort involving multiple departments took place today (26th) near Lion Pavilion in Lion Rock Country Park to promote hiking safety. Citizens were provided with informative booklets on hiking safety and commemorative items, while various hiking safety tips were disseminated.

Law enforcement authorities issued a reminder to the public, emphasising the importance of avoiding solo hiking and encouraging group participation. Prior to embarking on a hike, individuals are advised to gather information about the route, including the conditions of the trails, estimated duration, and considerations of personal abilities and physical conditions of fellow hikers. Careful planning should be undertaken to select the most suitable route. It is crucial not to deviate from the intended path or venture into areas without signposts, such as dense vegetation or forests. Moreover, individuals should refrain from approaching or lingering near steep slopes or venturing into streams. Constant vigilance towards weather changes is essential, and if necessary, adjustments or cancellations to hiking plans should be made decisively.