Woman’s semi-nude escapade during argument with partner sparks frenzy on Tuen Mun streets


20th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A couple’s heated argument spilt onto the streets of Tuen Mun, culminating in a public display of distress and undressing. The incident, which took place near Ching Tin Estate, saw a woman disrobing amidst traffic lanes after a loud exchange of “breaking up” with her partner.

Captured on video and widely circulated on social media, the episode unfolded with the woman darting across several lanes of the road in a state of agitation. In the ensuing moments, she proceeded to remove her trousers and white short-sleeved top, leaving her half-naked on the street. Her male companion, in a frantic attempt to resolve the situation, retrieved the discarded clothing and draped them over her, loudly insisting she re-dress.

The online community has reacted with a mix of criticism and concern. Some chastised the couple for their irresponsible behaviour on the road, potentially endangering themselves and others. Others expressed sympathy for the male individual, interpreting his actions as indicative of deep affection for his partner.

The Facebook page “HongKong dashcam” posted the roughly one-minute-long video on Monday night with a caption advising against reckless behaviour on roads.

The footage begins with the couple at a junction near Ching Tin Estate, where the woman, visibly angry, crosses the road while the man follows, carrying belongings. After reaching a median strip, she turns to confront him, prompting him to plead, “Take your things back!” Her response leads to a brief physical struggle before the man, in frustration, throws the items on the ground and walks away, declaring the end of their relationship.

However, the woman does not pick up the items, instead shouting back about the loss of her possessions and her refusal to return home. The man retorts loudly before she suddenly runs across the road, narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic, and stops near a bus station. A bystander can be heard exclaiming in disbelief at the unfolding drama.

Following her dash across the street, the woman begins to remove her shoes and trousers, then walks back onto the road and continues to disrobe, eventually standing in her underwear.

A subsequent video, lasting over two minutes, was uploaded by the page, showing the aftermath. The man is seen hurriedly recovering the woman’s clothes, pulling her to the roadside barrier, and forcibly dressing her while loudly berating her, using expletives to express his frustration. After a struggle, the woman’s demeanour seems to calm, and she engages in a conversation with the man, embracing him until the video’s conclusion.