Woman’s dangerous photo stunt on tram tracks near Western Market in Central attracts online criticism


4th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) A long-haired woman wearing a red backless outfit caused quite a scare while attempting to take pictures for social media. Suspected of trespassing onto the road near Western Market in Central, she struck poses in the middle of the tram tracks, paying little attention to the double-decker bus passing by.

The woman’s dangerous stunt was captured in photographs and shared on a local Facebook page. The original poster expressed their disbelief, stating, “She went to such extremes for the sake of a photo. She could have lost her life in a matter of seconds!” Netizens responded with criticism, accusing the woman of prioritizing her vanity over her safety. Some commented, “She must be fearless!” and “Risking her life for a photo. Unbelievable!” Others cautioned, “That’s a dangerous spot, be careful!” and “Is it really worth it?”

Some internet users expressed their frustration more strongly, suggesting that the woman might end up being run over. They speculated that she was either trying to create a promotional photo for a film titled “Corpse on the Street” or simply seeking an adrenaline rush. They also remarked that the man accompanying her, who appeared to be smiling in the photos, should have ensured she had adequate insurance coverage.

Critics of the woman’s actions strongly condemned her, saying, “If you want to die, do it far away and don’t endanger others” and “Don’t harm the bus driver, you’re really inconsiderate.” One person described the woman’s behaviour as “ridiculous” and likened her to an “ice cream cone” for her precarious position. On a positive note, they praised the bus driver’s skills, saying, “The driver handled the situation well, passing by so closely.”