Woman’s clever retaliation on MTR train after repeated interruptions by elderly passenger

File photo.

20th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A young woman’s tactical approach to dealing with an inconsiderate fellow passenger on MTR train has turned into a viral sensation, showcasing a unique blend of assertiveness and quick thinking.

The event unfolded on a typical morning commute, as a young office worker, weary and seeking a few moments of rest, boarded the MTR. Despite securing a seat, her attempts at relaxation were repeatedly disrupted by an elderly woman standing next to her. The older woman’s backpack, swinging with the rhythm of the moving train, continually struck the seated commuter’s head. Polite requests to adjust the backpack were met with indifference, leaving the younger woman frustrated.

As the journey progressed, the young commuter realised that her stop was approaching and with it, the likelihood that the elderly woman would swiftly claim her vacated seat. Determined not to reward the lack of courtesy she had endured, the young woman executed a strategic move. She caught the attention of a middle-aged man standing nearby and gestured for him to take her seat as she prepared to disembark.

The elderly woman, anticipating she would inherit the seat, watched in dismay as it was offered to someone else. Confronted with the young woman’s defiant gaze as she exited, the elderly passenger’s frustrated glare was met with a simple, dismissive retort: “Staring won’t help; you might as well stand.”

This encounter, detailed by the young woman on the social media platform Xiaohongshu under the post titled “I deliberately didn’t give up my seat on the subway,” resonated with netizens. Many praised her actions as a fitting response to the older woman’s inconsiderateness, celebrating the move as both humorous and justified. Comments ranged from “laughed so hard” to “that felt so good,” with others sharing similar experiences of ‘moral kidnapping’ on public transport, where individuals feel compelled to offer their seats out of obligation rather than consideration.