Woman uses Black Widow’s signature move against boyfriend in front of restaurant in Tai Po during fight


26th September 2022 – (Hong Kong) An online video was circulated on social media today showing a girl being lifted by her purported boyfriend during an argument in front of Tam Jar Sam Gor Restaurant at Eightland Gardens on On Chee Road in Tai Po. She was flipped 360 degrees before she retaliated by exercising a scissor leg takedown around his neck (or more commonly known as Black Widow’s signature move). The man was also kicked by the woman.

There were many customers waiting for takeaway orders in front of the restaurant. One of the restaurant staff subsequently came out to stop them from fighting.

However, it was subsequently confirmed by the staff at Tam Jar Sam Gor Restaurant that the man and women were in the middle of a movie shoot and it was not a real fight.

Video credit: Amber Lo
Another close-up video filmed by a bystander.