Woman sued a man who claimed to be a ‘Live Buddha’ for swindling her into having sex for more than 1,000 times over a period of 10 years


A divorced piano lecturer at a university in Taipei, Taiwan alleged that a man has misled and scammed her into having sex with her for more than 1,000 times over a period of 10 years. He claimed that he was a ‘LIVE BUDDHA’ by offering his assistance to unravel her misfortunes and emptiness after her failed marriage. He told her that she must move into his home and have sexual intercourse with him for at least 2-3 times per week in order to ‘cure’ her.

Man claimed to be a live Buddha. Picture for illustration purpose only

The woman accused that she met him through a Buddhist religious cult in March 2000 during the period when she just filed for divorce. Lo, who asserted that he was a live Buddha managed to convince her to move in together with him. She was so gullible to believe that by sacrificing her body, her soul would be cleansed. She alleged that all their living expenses throughout the period of ten years were solely born by her as a piano lecturer. The amount in dispute exceeded 6 million New Taiwan dollars (HK$1,500,520)

In defence, Lo denied claiming to be a live Buddha and he argued that both parties had consensual sexual intercourse during the 10 years period as a couple. He never forced her to fork out living expenses as she did it on her own account. He also drove her to the university for work during the entire period.

After due consideration, the prosecutor decided not to proceed as the woman had many opportunities to seek help during the 10 year period and as a well educated woman, she would be intelligent enough to leave him earlier and not waited for 10 years to file an action. There was no evidence of sexual assault found. The case has been aborted since.