Woman successfully sues LV and wins compensation of 56,100 yuan after bag purchased confirmed to be a counterfeit


22nd May 2022 – (Changsha) A LV (LOUIS VUITTON) counter selling fake bags has attracted the attention of mainland media. In September 2020, Miss Luo from Changsha and her boyfriend went to the LV counter operation by Louis Vuitton (China) at Changsha International Finance Square, Hunan to buy a LV bag model VAUGIRARD and sent it to an appraisal company for inspection. The appraisal agency found that the bag was not produced by LV, and the court ruled that the LV counter must refund Miss Luo the payment of 18,700 yuan. She was then compensated three times the amount of 56,100 yuan. As soon as the news came out, many mainland citizens rushed to LV stores and appraisal agencies to check the authenticity of the bags. On 20th May, LV issued a statement stating that the products sold by LV stores around the world are all genuine, and they have applied for retrial to overturn the judgment. As mentioned in the statement, “LOUIS VUITTON hereby reiterated that the products sold in Louis Vuitton stores worldwide are all genuine. Louis Vuitton fully respects the Chinese court and has voluntarily implemented the effective judgment. However, Louis Vuitton never recognised in the lawsuit that the bag that the plaintiff bought nine months later was sold by Louis Vuitton.

It is understood that in 2020, when Ms. Luo was shopping with her boyfriend Mr. Gao, Mr. Gao paid for a bag worth 18,700 yuan at the LV counter in Changsha, Hunan. After returning home, Ms. Luo always suspected that the bag was a fake, so she sent it to China Certification & Inspection Group Hunan Co. Ltd. 161 Shazitang, Yuhua District Changsha City, Hunan 410007. China for authentication. After half a year, the inspection results of the appraisal agency came out. The opinion said that the bag was not produced by LV. Ms. Luo believed that the LV counter was suspected of fraud, and filed a lawsuit with the local court, hoping that the court would rule that the LV counter should refund the purchase price and compensate three times the amount, and at the same time pay for the litigation costs.

The court found that the store, as a seller, had a fraudulent act of selling counterfeit goods, and should refund the purchase price and make three times the compensation. The store staff could have swapped the bag before selling to the buyer resulting in irreparable damage to the brand.