Woman slashed in Tsim Sha Tsui commercial building flees bloodied for help, police find two more injured victims

Tak Sing Alliance Building

29th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) At approximately 3pm today, emergency services were summoned to Tak Sing Alliance Building on Chatham Road South following a distressing report from a security guard.

Upon arrival, first responders found a woman in her early twenties with severe lacerations to her skull and arms, conscious but in a state of shock. She was immediately transported to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for urgent medical treatment.

Armed with shields, police officers ascended the building to further their investigation. Two additional victims, a man and a woman, were discovered within the premises. An arrest has been made as authorities continue to piece together the circumstances of the attack.

Eyewitness accounts from staff across the street from the building describe a grim scene. “She stumbled over, claiming she felt dizzy after being slashed, covered in blood. We provided her with tissues to cover her head and offered a stool to sit on,” recounted one shop employee.

The incident reportedly began with an altercation at a bar, leading to the violent confrontation and the assailant’s subsequent flight. Evidence, including a ruler, was recovered at the scene, and the bar’s manager has been taken in for questioning as part of the ongoing investigation.