Woman says yes after extravagant wedding proposal using helicopter which cost more than HK$400,000


8th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) A helicopter carrying a banner “Louanne Lam, I LOVE YOU, marry me?” was spotted flying over Hong Kong island at around 5pm yesterday. Many netizens have been wondering who was the mysterious man who made the proposal. Many mocked the man for using the same proposal which was used by another man many years ago and it was purely a waste of money.

The person in charge of LINKHERE YACHTS AND ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED who assisted the man in preparing for the wedding proposal said that the cost of the plan was more than HK$400,000 of which the customised banner has accounted for more than 70% of the commission fee, which was around HK$280,000.

Preparations for the proposal have started a few months ago, including studying of no-fly zones and finding suitable flight paths for best display. The most unexpected thing is that renting a helicopter was not the most expensive item in terms of operating expenses. The cloth banner was the main cost. The dull-looking red banner seems unremarkable, but it measures 100 feet by 50 feet (about 30 metres by 15 metres), its width is equivalent to that of a large yacht and a special cloth was used.

Meanwhile, the woman LOUANNE LAM has agreed to the man’s marriage proposal.