Woman rides electric bicycle with three children in Tin Shui Wai


24th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A woman can be seen riding an electric bicycle in Tin Shui Wai’s Tin Shui Road in a viral video. What caught everyone’s attention was the presence of three young children and multiple bags on the bike. The bike was packed from front to back, leaving no empty space, and none of the occupants were wearing helmets, raising concerns about their safety. Netizens were quick to criticize this reckless behaviour, with some sarcastically commenting, “Is it a circus act?”

The footage shows a woman wearing a black dress and white sneakers, waiting at a traffic light on Tin Shui Road near Tin Wah Estate. The electric bicycle she was riding carried three young children, with two standing on the footrest at the front of the bike and another girl seated at the back, holding a large bag. The bike’s basket and handlebars were also loaded with bags, making it incredibly crowded.

The woman slowly maneuvered the electric bicycle across the pedestrian crossing, despite the presence of other vehicles on the road. The traffic light had just turned red after the yellow signal, making the situation extremely dangerous. However, the adults and children on the bike appeared calm and unperturbed. The video sparked public outrage, with some jokingly referring to it as a “circus act.” Netizens criticized the incident, stating that it should have been reported immediately as it posed a serious threat to pedestrians and other drivers. Comments such as “It’s a ticking time bomb with four lives at stake” and “The children are innocent victims, and yet they’re being subjected to this dangerous situation” flooded social media. Others pointed out that this behaviour was clearly illegal, referencing previous incidents where similar actions were condemned.