Woman poked by needle-size object while walking near Ginza Square, Tin Shui Wai


At 11pm last night, a woman named Chan and her friend were taking a stroll after dessert opposite Ginza Square located on Tin Yan Rd, Tin Shui Wai. A 20-30 year old stranger suddenly bumped into her and poked her forearm with a suspected hypodermic needle. She immediately went to Tin Shui Wai Hospital to seek medical treatment and reported the incident to the police.

Woman sustained a needle size wound.

At the time of the confrontation, Chan recalled that the man intentionally slammed into her even though her female friend tried to shout at him. He even apologised after and left immediately. She only realised that she was poked after she felt a tingling sensation on her forearm. Upon closer scrutiny, she found the needle size wound. She was wearing a long sleeve shirt and jacket at the time of incident.

Doctor has told her that the wound is not infected after conducting a blood test but she has been advised to carry out multiple blood tests to iron out any potential contamination.

Police are currently hunting for a 1.7 meters tall 20-30 years old man wearing a jacket with a backpack.