Woman in yoga pants on MTR train accuses middle-aged man of ‘visually raping’ her


7th February 2023 – (Hong Kong) There is constant controversy over women wearing yoga trousers out on the street, but the public is slowly getting used to it. However, a Hong Kong woman posted a video on Instagram recently, pointing out that a middle-aged man was staring at her and another woman’s lower body while taking the MTR train. She accused the man of ‘visually raping’ her. She even reprimanded him by saying “Uncle, I know you like to look at yoga pants.” However, her post was condemned by netizens, criticising her for publicly shaming the man by taking a video of him and posting on social media. They defended the man and said that he was merely staring at her and if she didn’t want others to look at her, she should drive her own car to go out. The man did not use his mobile phone to film her and the netizens concluded sarcastically that middle-aged should not go out.

She then responded to netizens and said that the man stayed focus on her private parts and it’s up to the netizens to decide what is right and wrong.