Woman found dead under large pile of clothes at home in Flora Garden, North Point


19th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) At 8.40 this morning (19th), a woman in a unit at Flora Garden, 50 Cloud View Road, North Point, was found in a coma by her son in her bedroom. Rescuers arrived at the scene and she was certified dead on the spot. It is reported that the woman was covered by a large amount of clothes and her son immediately called the police. The police are investigating the incident.

It is understood that the deceased lived with her husband and three children in the apartment. There were three rooms in the unit. The husband slept in the living area on weekdays, and the wife and children lived in the rest of the rooms. The unit had a lot of cluttered objects all over the rooms and the living. It is temporary unknown whether the victim was crushed to death by the clothes, or she died suddenly due to an underlying disease. Her cause of death is pending autopsy report.