Woman disguised as delivery staff of GOGOX steals photography equipment worth HK$20,000


25th November 2020 – (Hong Kong) A female suspect disguised as delivery staff from GOGOX stole equipment worth HK$20,000 from an equipment rental company on Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.and the person in charge made a report. The scene was a photographic equipment rental company on Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Last Saturday (21st) morning, a customer ordered a batch of photographic equipment to be rented from the company, and pointed out that they would arrange a deliveryman to pick up the equipment through the express platform GOGOX before sending to Central. Afterwards, a woman who claimed to be a delivery staff went to the above address to pick up the goods and provided the relevant courier platform number to the staff of the equipment company. After checking, the staff handed over the equipment worth about HK$19,000 to the woman.

Moments later, another deliveryman arrived and showed the staff a screenshot of the order received on the express delivery platform. The staff became suspicious and notified the man in charge, Wong (41 years old) to deal with it. Upon learning of the incident, Wong immediately contacted the express delivery platform for inquiries, but received a reply that the woman who picked up the goods earlier was not the deliveryman for the order. Wong suspected that someone pretended to be a deliveryman for the platform, stole a batch of valuable equipment and fled. Wong reported the case at 10.30pm that night. After investigation, the police classified the case as obtaining property by deception and referred it to the Criminal Investigation Team of Yau Tsim Police District for follow-up. No one has been arrested yet. A spokesperson for the express delivery platform GOGOX said that the company has always attached great importance to the user experience on the platform. After the incident, the company team maintained close contact with Wong to provide maximum assistance.

The spokesperson also pointed out that the express service of the platform has a verification code mechanism to confirm the identity and delivery address of the sender and the courier, but it is understood that Wong did not provide it during the delivery process. There was no system loophole in this incident. The company also suggested to Wong to report the incident and let the company assist in the incident through legal channels. In addition, the platform provides cargo insurance of up to HK2,000 for individual express service users, and the company will also apply for insurance compensation for Wong’s losses.