Woman dies in bungee jumping accident at Starfield Anseong in South Korea

"Smob" facility located on the third floor of the Starfield Anseong mall.

1st March 2024 – (Gyeonggi) A woman in her 60s lost her life while participating in a bungee jumping activity at the “Smob” facility located on the third floor of the Starfield Anseong mall. The incident occurred on Monday when the woman jumped off an 8-meter-high bungee platform, only to hit the ground below around 4.20pm

According to the police, the jumper was equipped with safety gear; however, the carabiner, the essential safety and rescue hook, was not properly fastened. Despite the presence of safety personnel at the jumping deck and landing areas, the victim could not be saved. Despite receiving CPR and being rushed to the hospital at 4.27pm, she was pronounced dead at 5.25pm.

Authorities will now launch an investigation to determine whether any lapses in safety measures or occupational negligence contributed to the tragic accident. At present, no further details can be shared, as stated by a police official.

Starfield Anseong, managed by Shinsegae Property, provides commercial and retail spaces to various businesses. Smob, the operator of the ill-fated bungee jumping attraction, is a tenant at the mall. Shinsegae Property expressed its condolences and pledged to collaborate with Smob in supporting the bereaved families through their difficult times.

As a precautionary measure, Smob at other Starfield branches in Gyeonggi, including Hanam, Goyang, and Suwon, will be closed on Tuesday for safety maintenance and employee training. Meanwhile, the bungee jumping facility at Starfield Anseong will remain closed indefinitely.

Shinsegae Property assured full cooperation with the investigative authority to ascertain the exact cause of the accident. Moreover, the company announced that comprehensive safety inspections would be conducted at all retail spaces in all Starfield branches, starting from Tuesday, to prevent any future incidents.