Woman detained at airport for illicit possession of sparklers


5th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the early hours of Tuesday morning, a woman was apprehended at an airport’s departure hall after security personnel discovered 20 sparklers in her luggage. The arrest was made as part of airport security procedures, revealing a serious breach of safety regulations.

At 7.19am, the woman’s luggage was undergoing routine x-ray screenings when airport staff identified the sparklers. These items, which are banned in Hong Kong, resemble long, thin incense sticks and emit colourful sparks when lit.

Upon the discovery, officers from the police’s explosive ordnance disposal bureau were called to the scene. The woman was consequently arrested under suspicion of possessing dangerous items. She remains in police custody as the investigation continues.

Interestingly, this is not an isolated case. It has come to light that another woman, a 28-year-old identified only by her surname Ng, faced a similar situation earlier this year. Ng was arrested on 13th April upon returning from Japan, as she had been found carrying 20 sparklers in her backpack in the arrivals hall. She was subsequently arrested for the illegal possession of fireworks and firecrackers.