Woman brutally attacked in Shek Kip Mei’s Pak Tin Estate, husband arrested for assault with hammer

Tai Tin House, Pak Tin Estate.

14th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A woman in Tai Tin House, Pak Tin Estate, Shek Kip Mei, was brutally attacked by her husband, resulting in severe head injuries. The distressing incident occurred at approximately 9pm today. Eyewitnesses reported a heated argument between the couple, escalating into a violent altercation.

According to witnesses, the husband, consumed by anger, resorted to wielding a hammer and using his fists to assault his wife. The woman sustained a deep head wound, causing blood to flow profusely. In a desperate attempt to seek help, she rushed downstairs, leaving a trail of blood in the lobby. The vigilant security personnel immediately alerted the authorities, notifying the police of the distressing scene.

Fortunately, the victim remained conscious despite the severity of her injuries. She received immediate medical attention from paramedics who promptly arrived at the scene. Subsequently, she was swiftly transported to Caritas Medical Centre for further treatment and care.

Law enforcement officials categorise this incident as a case of “assault causing bodily harm.” Consequently, the husband, identified as the primary suspect, was arrested at the scene. Due to his own injuries sustained during the altercation, he was also taken to Princess Margaret Hospital for medical treatment.