Woman attacked with corrosive liquid and knife in Yuen Long, assailant at large


4th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) A woman was assaulted with corrosive liquid and a knife while conducting her business in a street market. The event occurred approximately 9pm today,, where the woman was tending her stall on Kau Yuk Road.

The woman, unsuspecting of the impending assault, was suddenly attacked by an unidentified man, who was approximated to be in his 60s. The assailant doused the woman with a corrosive liquid before proceeding to attack her with a knife. Caught off guard, the woman suffered injuries to her left hand and body from the assault. The perpetrator managed to elude capture, disappearing from the scene post-assault.

Passersby, witnessing the incident, immediately rushed to aid the victim and promptly notified the authorities.

Upon arrival, paramedics treated and stabilised the woman at the scene before transporting her to the Pok Oi Hospital for further treatment. Her condition remained stable during transit.

Law enforcement officers cordoned off the crime scene and started their investigation. In an effort to trace the fugitive, officers have initiated a thorough inspection of the CCTV footage from the surrounding area.

Numerous bystanders stepped forward to offer assistance.