Woman arrested in Brazil for attempting to obtain loan using deceased man

Source: Jam Press Video.

18th April 2024 – (Rio De Janeiro)  Erika Vieira Nunes was apprehended by authorities after attempting to secure a loan using a deceased man. Surveillance footage from a bank in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro captured the disturbing scene as Nunes wheeled in the lifeless body of a 68-year-old man who had been dead for hours.

The video showed Nunes approaching a bank employee and informing them that the man wished to apply for a loan amounting to 17,000 reais. Holding a pen to the motionless man, she urged him to sign, saying, “Uncle, are you listening? You need to sign,” as seen in the footage.

Despite receiving no response from the deceased, Nunes dismissed his silence, claiming it was his usual demeanour. Concerned by the man’s inert state and apparent lack of vital signs, bank staff grew suspicious and contacted the police.

Nunes has been charged with vilification of a corpse and attempted theft through fraud, as reported by the local newspaper O Dia. The authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the incident to determine any potential accomplices or underlying motives.