Woman allegedly molested by elderly man blocks MTR train doors and screams hysterically


31st May 2019- (Hong Kong) A viral video was uploaded by a netizen recently showing a woman and some men blocking the the train doors at Sha Tin MTR Station. The incident happened at 7.52pm but it was unsure when the video was filmed. The commotion resulted in 3-minute delay in train service and caused inconvenience to other commuters.

According to sources, a female passenger alleged that an elderly man molested her and touched her breasts while jostling with another male passenger in the packed train. The woman then proceeded to block the doors from closing when it arrived at Sha Tin Station. Several MTR staff immediately came on board to bring the situation under control.

The emotional woman was screaming non-stop and scolding MTR staff who sternly told her not to block the train doors. In the video, both the male passenger who was defending the elderly man and the woman were seen in heated argument oblivious to other aggrieved passengers.

Both parties continued to lash out at each other in the presence of MTR staff and the commotion lasted for 5 minutes before a police officer arrived. The train doors managed to close eventually after the police officer forced the parties involved to go inside the train cabin.

Netizens were appalled by the unruly and selfish behaviour of the woman as she blocked the doors for 5 minutes causing great inconvenience to other passengers.

Anyone who interfered with train or platform doors on the MTR railway platforms could be penalised as much as HK$2,000 (US$250).