Woman, 24, with girlfriend, 61, says 37-year age gap doesn’t affect relationship

Julia and Eileen moved in together into a London flat

Original article from The Sun

TWO women due to get married say their 37-year age gap doesn’t bother them as they plan their wedding together.

YouTube star Julia Zelg, 24, proposed to her girlfriend, 61-year-old Eileen de Freest, just before Christmas.

Julia, originally from Brazil, first revealed she had a new girlfriend to her fans back in September, after the couple met on Tinder.

Gushing about her new girlfriend, Julia told fans: “I’ve met this woman and she’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met.”

“She’s just my soulmate.

“I was just planning to enjoy my single life and have fun and stuff, and in the process of doing that, I met her and just fell for her.”

Julia proposed to Elieen just before Christmas
The couple jetted to Brazil for Christmas to meet Julia’s parents

Their whirlwind romance saw them announce they were moving in together later that same month, and they’ve even adopted a kitten called Brittney who lives with them in their London home.

Julia said in a vlog to fans: “You’re probably thinking, wow you just met and you’re moving in together.”

They both acknowledged it was a “quick and new thing”, but Eileen said they were “consolidating their lives.

“We’re not just acting impulsively we’ve talked about everything.

“There are so many good reasons to move in together. And we’re both really really happy”

Their relationship blossomed, and Eileen, originally from America, said yes after Julia got down on one knee.

The couple jetted to Brazil to meet Julia’s parents for Christmas, with Eileen greeting her as “my future mother-in-law”.

And now the couple are busy planning their wedding, scheduled for later this year.

Despite claiming they’re just like any other couple, their relationship has attracted some criticism.

Julia proposed to Eileen during a gig where she was performing

Elieen said: “She’s young yes, but I have rarely met anyone of any age with the emotional maturity and generosity of Julia.

“Listen Julia is a lot younger than me, and I’m a lot older than her…

“She’s not captive she’s my girlfriend, she’s my partner, she’s somebody I love.

“You don’t think I went over this for months in my mind?

“Is she too young for me, what is the cost of being with an older woman?

The couple have got a kitten together called Brittney

“I’m not going to take her life away, she will go on long after me and I want her to do that. And I love her so much.”

Julia added: “Why is it so wrong that we’re two women and that we have a big age gap?

“There’s nothing wrong and it’s none of your business.”

Despite the abuse they’ve received, a lot of people have supported the couple.

One person said: “You’re both consenting adults and not hurting anyone, keep doing what makes you happy.”