Wolves fans lunch with Qatari millionaire in Doha



27th November 2022 – (Doha) A group of Wolves fans at the World Cup were invited to lunch with a Qatari millionaire – who struck up a conversation with them when he spotted one of their shirts.

The businessman, named Omar, made a beeline for Jassa Dehal when he spotted his shirt in a hotel bar in Doha.

They chatted before swapping numbers, and the next day their new friend sent a car to take them to his mansion.

“The people in Qatar have been amazing,” said Mr Dehal.

The group, of Wolverhampton, Dudley, London and Mr Dehal’s relatives from New Zealand, were blown away by the kindness they received.

“We were in our hotel, in the bar, and he came over and said he knew Wolves,” said Mr Dehal, who took to social media after the lunch to describe the experience.

“We started talking about football – he was really knowledgeable and knew a lot about Wolves, knew we’d sacked the manager.”

They then received the lunch invite the next day in a message. “It said, ‘There is a car waiting for you’. We couldn’t believe it,” he added.

At the Doha mansion, the group was treated to a feast, which included a fruit platter set out on a model football pitch.

They stayed to watch Germany’s 2-1 shock defeat to Japan until the businessman said he had to go to prayer – but told the group they could stay for as long as they wanted.

“They are absolutely diamond people in Qatar,” said Mr Dehal, who is part of the Punjabi Wolves supporters’ group.

“There’s a lot of sheikhs here, they’re all so friendly and they sit in the bars having shisha and cups of tea.”

‘Nothing but kindness’

The group are unsure of Omar’s background because he was very modest. “We called him prince, but he said, ‘Please don’t call me that, I am one of you’,” added Mr Dehal.

The group has tickets for the first three England games and then, in the hope the team qualifies, the first game of the next round.

“It was a mission to organise – making sure we had the tickets and the accommodation, but being here is amazing,” said Mr Dehal, who runs Dehal Meats and Poultry in Dudley Road, Wolverhampton.

“The people in Qatar – they know they are getting a hard time in the media but we’ve had nothing but kindness from everyone.”