Wife’s failed liposuction and cosmetic surgery results in “cratered stomach,” husband seeks divorce


2nd October 2023 – (Jilin) In the pursuit of personal beauty, a 42-year-old woman named Mei from Jilin, China, underwent multiple cosmetic surgeries at a clinic called Kaifu Meiyan Medical Aesthetics in Changsha, Hunan, in July of last year. The procedures included abdominal liposuction and autologous fat breast augmentation. Unfortunately, due to surgical complications, Mei suffered both physical and emotional trauma, leading her husband to file for divorce.

The conversation between Mei and the clinic staff revealed their involvement in the matter. Mei described the aftermath of the failed surgeries during a recent interview with mainland Chinese media, stating, “The surgeries left my abdomen uneven and pitted. The skin and muscles in that area became adhered, causing frequent pain and the formation of nodules.” Photos provided by Mei to the media showed her abdomen with uneven surfaces resembling the texture of the moon’s surface. Mei further claimed that before entering the operating room, the hospital doctors had promised to use fat from her inner thighs to fill her breasts, but they failed to fulfil this request.

On 15th September, 2023, Mei visited a tertiary hospital in Nanchang for examination. The X-ray report revealed several issues, including proliferative changes in both breasts and multiple circular high-density nodules and spot-like calcification. The ultrasound diagnostic report indicated abnormal echogenic masses within both breasts, with no apparent enlargement of lymph nodes in the axillary region.

Mei stated that after experiencing the unevenness in her abdomen post-surgery, she consulted the clinic’s customer service department, who informed her that it was a normal part of the recovery process. However, as her condition did not improve and her body underwent changes, her husband decided to divorce her, leading to family conflicts. Mei later realized that the hospital should be held responsible for her situation, as her friends pointed out.

Last Saturday (28th), the clinic’s executive director explained that Mei had also undergone double eyelid and chin surgeries at the clinic, all of which were performed in the same operation. To minimize risks, the doctors did not fulfil Mei’s request to use fat from her inner thighs to augment her breasts. However, Mei emphasized that her dissatisfaction was primarily regarding the abdominal liposuction and autologous fat breast augmentation.

In response, the executive director stated, “The two procedures she is dissatisfied with were also performed at another facility before. Our clinic provided the corrective surgeries, but no doctor can guarantee that it will be completely fixed in one attempt. If left untreated, the situation could worsen. If she is unsatisfied with the surgery, our hospital will take responsibility.”

Mei admitted that she had undergone the same two procedures at a local clinic in Nanchang in 2017.

The clinic has promised to continue providing free corrective procedures for the areas Mei is dissatisfied with. However, Mei has lost confidence in the clinic, believing that their technical skills and reputation are questionable, and she is seeking compensation. Currently, both parties are preparing to engage in negotiations through the relevant medical regulatory authorities.