Wife ran away with 100,000 Renminbi dowry after getting married for 52 days


A man spent more than 100,000 Renminbi as dowry to marry a wife in Tianchang city, China. After getting married for a short while, she escaped from home to go back to her family.

She then cut off all contacts with the man and accused him of domestic violence. However, he thinks that the wife is a fraudster who married him for money. The father of groom expressed his anger over the bride’s unacceptable behaviour. After escaping from the husband’s home, she stayed with her family for 52 days before coming back to him for 5 days and she then left again. The father regarded her as a scammer who cheated her son.

The man who claims that his wife has scammed his money and left

The wife on the other hand took issue with their story and said that when she went back to him the last time, he asked all the village residents to surround her, took her phone away and locked her in the house for 6 days without food. She managed to escape from him but she refused to get a divorce nor return the money as she said she has lost her youth getting married to him.