Wife of Mandopop singer Gary Chaw announces end to their 14-year marriage on social media

    Gary Chaw and wife

    26th November 2022 – (Taipei) Gary Chaw, a Malaysian singer based in Taiwan has been having issues with his Taiwanese wife Wu Sou-ling for a while. Wu issued a divorce statement through social media today ending her 14-year marriage with Chaw. Wu mentioned in the statement: “We have ended our 14-year marriage. There have been many beautiful episodes along the way. In the second half of the marriage, both of us failed to understand each other and we began to think, no one is right and who is wrong, we have worked hard together in this marriage, 14 years in each other’s life experiences cannot be erased, and finally we chose to end the marriage, let each other return to the original position, so that we can understand each other better.” After announcing divorce, they also wished each other peacefully, and the rest hoped that others would give them privacy and space. She added, “It is our common wish to resolve this peacefully. Thank you for your concern these days!”

    Gary Chaw, also known as Gary Cao or Cao Ge or by his alter ego Cao Xiaoge, is a Malaysian Chinese singer-songwriter based in Taiwan, who has had achieved success in Taiwan, Mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He is renowned for his stage presence, wide vocal range, and rich voice.

    Chaw admitted to being bipolar and credited his wife for being supportive and penned the song “All I need” for his wife. In 2008, Chaw married his wife Taiwanese Wu Sou Ling. They have a son named Joe and a daughter named Grace.