Wife attacks husband with knife, causing injury in Tuen Mun Siu Kwai Court

SIu Kwai Court

22nd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) At 2.32am today, a couple engaged in a heated argument at Siu Kwai Court in Tuen Mun. The confrontation escalated as both parties refused to back down, leading the wife to be consumed by anger. In a fit of rage, she brandished a sharp knife and launched an attack on her spouse. Amidst the chaos, the husband suffered a stab wound to his leg and promptly sought help by reporting the incident.

Law enforcement swiftly arrived at the scene to bring the situation under control. After receiving medical attention for his injuries, the husband did not require hospitalization. Following a thorough investigation, authorities decided not to press charges against the husband, categorizing the case as a “dispute.”