Wife arrested in Chai Kek Village murder case, returned to village house for reconstruction


11th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Chai Kek Village in Tai Po was the site of a murder last Saturday (9th), where a 62-year-old man was found suffocated by bedding. His 52-year-old wife has been arrested in connection with the crime. The person who reported the incident was the deceased’s nephew, who had gone to the village house to look for his uncle. However, his aunt refused to open the door, arousing suspicion. Concerned, he sought help and reported the case, ultimately uncovering this tragic homicide.

Today (11th), the police returned to Chai Kek Village at around 1pm to reconstruct the crime scene. The involved village house remained cordoned off, with a large number of investigators present to reconstruct the case. Detectives were seen using white cardboard props to simulate the bedding involved in the incident. At 1.05pm, a white seven-seater Honda vehicle arrived with the suspect and forensic personnel. The individuals carried recording equipment to document the proceedings. The suspect, wearing a hood, had her hands handcuffed and was bound by a waist chain. Slow and cautious in her movements, she walked with a slight hunch. Accompanied by two detectives, she was escorted and supported as she slowly entered the unit of the village house under investigation.

The nephew, who reported the case, resides overseas and had remained in contact with his uncle, Mr. Chung, the deceased. However, he had recently lost contact with him. Upon returning to Hong Kong, he decided to visit his uncle’s house, where an argument ensued when his aunt refused to open the door. During the altercation, the nephew noticed that the corrugated iron house appeared unusually clean, inconsistent with the deceased’s usual habits. This aroused suspicion, leading him to contact the police, who subsequently discovered the tragic crime scene.

According to the police investigation, a man reported the incident at 11.31pm last Saturday (9th). He stated that when he attempted to visit his 62-year-old male relative at a house in Chai Kek Village, the relative’s 52-year-old wife, Mrs. Law, refused to open the door. Upon arrival, personnel found the 62-year-old man unconscious and lying in the house, confirming his death. Preliminary investigations suggest that the woman allegedly used the bed frame and bedding to apply pressure to the deceased, suspecting that he fell during an adjustment of the bed frame. She has been arrested on suspicion of murder and is currently under investigation.