Both wife and son of founder of Bonjour Cosmetics also adjudged bankrupt today

Tarzan Ip

7th February 2023 – (Hong Kong) Bonjour Cosmetics’ founder, Wilson Ip Chun-heng, his wife, Chung Pui-Wan and their son, Tarzan Ip Wai-tung were sued for bankruptcy by Fulling Limited in the High Court in September last year. After Wilson Ip was declared bankrupt by the judge of the Court of First Instance of the High Court last month, his wife and son were also declared bankrupt by the High Court this afternoon (7th). It is reported that the Ip’s family owes the petitioner more than HK$20 million in total.

The two defendants did not appear in court this afternoon, nor did they have legal representation. According to the petitioner, it has submitted the relevant documents of the bankruptcy petition to the court, and the respondents did not raise any valid defences.