Why Russian President doesn’t greet President Xi at airport?


20th March 2023 – (Moscow) Russian President Vladimir Putin did not break protocol and welcome Chinese leader Xi Jinping at the airport on Monday, as per Russia’s standard protocol for visiting dignitaries. Instead, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko welcomed Xi upon his arrival in Russia. Putin was attending to his usual business in central Moscow before his dinner with Xi in the evening. While some may see this as a snub, it was merely following protocol.

As Russia becomes increasingly isolated from the West due to the fighting in Ukraine, many observers argue that the country is becoming more dependent on China for support. Xi’s visit offers an important political boost to Putin just days after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for the Russian leader on charges of alleged involvement in abductions of thousands of children from Ukraine. Moscow has dismissed the move as “legally null and void,” but it has further ramped up the pressure on Putin.

Although Putin did not break protocol and greet Xi at the airport, he showered his Chinese guest with praise in an article published in China’s top People’s Daily newspaper. Putin described Xi’s visit as a “landmark event” and an opportunity for him to meet with his “good old friend” with whom he has the “warmest relationship.” He also wrote about their first meeting in 2010, saying they have met about 40 times and citing a line from Chinese philosopher Confucius: “Is it not a joy to have friends coming from afar?”

After Monday’s private dinner, Putin and Xi are scheduled to hold official talks on Tuesday that will also be attended by top officials from both countries. They are expected to issue conclusive statements after the negotiations.

In the meantime, Putin began his day by making an appearance at a meeting of the Interior Ministry’s top officials. He also addressed a parliamentary conference involving lawmakers from African nations. At the airport, Xi listened as a Russian military band played the national anthems of China and Russia before walking past a line of honorary guards accompanied by Chernyshenko.