Why did the police pull down the roller shutter at Yuen Long Police Station during the vicious attack at the Yuen Long MTR Station on 21st July?


24th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Many have wondered why Yuen Long Police Station was closed during the brutal attack on 21st July at the Yuen Long MTR Station. Moments after the violent thugs in white stormed the station and assaulted civilians, several other civilians went to lodge report at the police station.

In a video recorded by one of the civilians at the police station that was posted on social media yesterday, we could see the police officers explaining to the civilians that they had despatched over 50 police officers to the scene. However, the civilians were sceptical and demanded the police to show live video recording of police officers at the police station because a few of the civilians who just came from the MTR station told the police that they did not see the presence of any officers. Police officers then tried to calm the civilians by telling them that they were handling the situation.

Yuen Long police station was closed after the argument with the civilians.

One police officer suddenly reprimanded those who were taking live video inside the station and told them that no filming was allowed. Police officers then demanded the civilians to leave and they pulled down the roller shutter outside the station.

Civilians who tried to lodge report at the Yuen Long Police station earlier.

Meanwhile, Tin Shui Wai Police Station was also closed on the same night which prevented many civilians from lodging police reports.