Why Bill Murray is making Ethereum NFTs about his life



23rd June 2022 – (Los Angeles) Bill Murray has a lot of stories—and there are a lot of stories out there about Bill Murray.

Some are from the actor’s nearly five-decade entertainment career, from “Saturday Night Live” to films like “Ghostbusters” and “Caddyshack,” and his relationships with fellow comedic legends. Others are tales about the 71-year-old and his propensity to, for example, crash random weddings or steal people’s French fries.

Come 15th July, some of those stories and others will be available for purchase as NFTs via The Bill Murray 1,000, an Ethereum project from comedy and entertainment website The Chive and blockchain startup Project Venkman. The project will offer up 1,000 NFT collectibles based on 100 stories from Murray’s career.

Each NFT is based on a single original painting of Murray by David Grizzle, and then given unique backgrounds and flourishes to set them apart from each other. But beyond the art itself, each NFT tells one of the stories with text and imagery.

Ahead of a panel at the NFT NYC convention today, Bill’s son Jackson Murray, The Chive co-founder and President John Resig, and Project Venkman co-founder and CEO Gavin Gillas spoke with Decrypt about how the project came together, Bill’s interest in NFTs, and the benefits that come with the collection.

Murray is a longtime backer of The Chive, which was founded in 2008, and the company has produced t-shirts based on Murray’s likeness, along with his William Murray Golf apparel line.

“We entered that ‘what’s next’ period of Bill Murray imaging licensing, and I said, ‘It’s definitely NFTs,’” Resig told Decrypt. “And Bill said, ‘It’s definitely not NFTs.’”

Jackson Murray said that his dad called soon after that initial NFT chat with Resig, asking about cryptocurrency and NFTs. According to Jackson, the concept didn’t stick initially with his dad, but the actor understood the potential of immutable, digital items.

“Once he got that idea, it sort of piqued his interest a little bit,” said Jackson.

Bill Murray wasn’t keen on generative artwork, however—things like the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, which mix and match traits to create thousands of unique profile pictures. An NFT is a blockchain token that serves as a proof of ownership, and can represent artwork, collectibles, access to communities, and more.