Who is the mysterious Vanus Li in Eric Tsang’s vehicle which collided with another 7 seater transporting top HK police officer in Hokkaido?


What are the odds of a Hong Kong actor crashing his car into another vehicle carrying a top cop from Hong Kong in a different city? We reported earlier today that Mr Li Chi Hang, Director of Crime and Security from the Hong Kong Police was involved in a traffic accident in Hokkaido and sustained neck injuries and suffered paralysis from lower limbs. He remains in stable condition after surgery. All the other passengers sustained minor injuries.

In the other vehicle which crashed into Mr.Li’s 7 seater, Hong Kong veteran actor Eric Tsang and his fellow passenger, Vanus Li who is in her 40s escaped unhurt. However, Eric was requested by police to undergo a breathalyser test.

His daughter Bowie Tsang has confirmed through her manager that his father is currently resting a hotel after the accident in Hokkaido.

Eric’s wife Sung appeared at his 64th birthday celebration last year.

Eric Tsang’s family background

Tsang was married two times. His first marriage was with Taiwanese actress Wang Mei Hua in 1972 and they had two daughters, Bowie Tsang and Tsang Wing Yee. Due to Tsang’s sociable nature with spending more time with his friends and at work rather than at home, they divorced three years later in 1975. Wang brought their eldest daughter back to Taiwan, while their younger daughter moved to Canada.

His second marriage was with Sung Lai Wah in 1989 and they had two sons, Derek Tsang and Mark Tsang. Sung and her two sons later immigrated to Toronto, Canada without him, who chose to stay in Hong Kong and they had been living in a long-distance relationship since then.[

Eric with his daughter, Bowie Tsang

Eric is rumoured to have dated many other women even though he remains married to Sung.

Who is Vanus Li?

Vanus Li is a widow whose husband, Gary, a famous TVB make up artist died in 2014 due to heart attack. Eric has been spotted traveling with her to Japan a few times but the status of their relationship is unknown.

Eric went skiing in Japan with Vanus in 2015
Eric with Vanus at an award ceremony
Vanus Li used to be his make up artist and they have been spotted traveling in Osaka together before