Whistleblower who exposes forced labour camp in Cambodia turns out to be a Taiwanese Youtuber


17th August 2022 – (Taipei) Recently, a large number of Taiwanese, Hong Kong residents and South East Asians have been lured to Cambodia and Myanmar and they were forced to engage in online scams or they were coerced to work through the use of violence or intimidation. As of today, local news reports in Hong Kong have revealed that at least 5 victims from Hong Kong have been falsely imprisoned by criminal syndicate based at the Thai-Myanmar border. Each of them has to make at least around HK$300,000 and above or pay the sum before they can be released. Many were trapped in the notorious “KK Park area”. A victim who tried to escape was reportedly shot.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Immigration Department has received help from the family members of 17 Hong Kong residents, saying that their family members are suspected to have lost contact in Thailand/Myanmar/Cambodia/Laos. The unit understands that 12 Hong Kong residents have left the area safely. 5 of them are still missing.

After the incident was exposed, many netizens commented that the black labour camp in Cambodia has been around for many years. They were perplexed as to why many media outlets have been covering the news in recent news. It turned out that the whistleblower is a Taiwanese Youtuber called “BUMP” who has been carrying out a series of “rescue” operations. He also shared his rescue mission on his channel. In the video of “Rescue Cambodian Hostages”, he also took the victims’ families to Cambodia to save people and successfully completed the mission. It was because of his bravery, the news began to online traction which led to more Taiwanese victims being rescued. He started to post a series of videos related to “Rescue Cambodian Hostages” on YouTube in November last year. Not only did he talk about the rescue plan in front of the camera, but he also actively cooperated with the government before executing.