WhatsApp announces introduction of message editing feature


    23rd May 2023 – (New York) WhatsApp, the messaging app owned by Meta Platforms, has finally introduced one of its most highly anticipated features – the ability to edit messages.

    In a blog post on Monday, WhatsApp announced that users can now edit their sent messages, providing them with the opportunity to correct their mistakes or make changes. The feature will roll out globally in the coming weeks and will allow senders to modify their messages within 15 minutes of sending them.

    To use the feature, users must long-press the message and select “edit” from the drop-down menu. The edited message will be labeled as “edited” but will not show any edit history.

    This update brings WhatsApp in line with competing apps such as Telegram and Signal, which already allow users to edit messages. Twitter also introduced the ability to edit tweets to select users last year.

    The ability to edit messages is a highly sought-after feature that many WhatsApp users have been requesting for years. It is particularly useful in situations where a user has made a typo or sent a message to the wrong person.