What to expect and what to prepare when you are admitted for 14 days to the new Penny’s Bay quarantine centre

    Penny Bay's quarantine centre

    27th July 2020 – (Hong Kong) If you are so unfortunate that you have to undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine at the newly-open Penny’s Bay quarantine centre, we will show you what you should prepare before being admitted.

    A newly-built quarantine facility at Penny’s Bay has come into operation recently. The site will provide 800 units to combat a third wave of COVID-19 infections. The quarantine centre at Penny’s Bay was originally reserved for the second phase of the development of Hong Kong Disneyland. However, the site has been idle for many years.

    A netizen has shared on social media the facilities and food provided at the centre. Basic amenities such as bed and duvet cover, water heater, hot water dispenser, TV, basic cutlery set, bowl and air-conditioner are provided in each unit. No WIFI is provided in the facility. The netizen lamented that it is extremely difficult to do laundry in the toilet as one can only wash his/her clothes in the basin. Washing powder will be provided upon request. As there is no WIFI provided, make sure you have an unlimited data on your mobile phone, bring plenty of books and laptop/tablets so that you spend your idle time on your favourite NETFLIX movies. Bring all your chargers and comfort clothing that you can wear.

    Three free meals are provided per day. Breakfast is served between 9am to 10am, lunch is served between 1pm to 2pm while dinner is served between 7pm to 8pm. In addition, crackers and cup noodles are provided upon request. Quarantined persons must fill-up the food request form upon being admitted and send by Whatsapp to a designated number. Quarantined persons are not allowed to walk in the common area and they must remain in the rooms at all times. They are required to take their own body temperature daily and record it.

    Upon completing the 14-day mandatory quarantine, the official will inform the quarantined person 6 hours before completion and officials from the Department from Health will escort the person to a 16-seat tour bus to leave the premises.

    Food Menu is provided.

    Rubbish must be packed in a garbage bag and placed outside the unit door before 10am in the morning. Quarantined persons are not allowed to change rooms and there is no key to the door. No visitors are allowed. Quarantined persons are not allowed to smoke.

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