Western Wholesale Food Market is the best place to buy imported fresh seafood at wholesale prices


28th April 2019 – (Hong Kong) If you are thinking of cooking lobsters and seafood at home, there is a hidden gem at the Western Wholesale Food Market, Fung Mat Road, Shek Tong Tsui where you can buy fresh imported seafood at wholesale prices 2 times lower than elsewhere. All the sea products are air flown daily and they are mainly sold to local high end restaurants. Besides seafood, you can also buy imported and local fruits at bargains. There are a total of 133 fruit stalls and 50 stalls selling fresh seafood produce.

Western Wholesale Food Market

In this wholesale market, you can find Alaskan King Crab leg, Australian frozen Tiger shrimps, American clams and lobsters sold at wholesale prices. One particular store A41 sells Canadian lobsters at only HK$138 per kg for smaller lobsters and HK$148 per kg for big lobsters. Each lobster weighs an average 12 ounces and costs only HK$100. You can buy 1 kg of clams imported from America for only HK$150.

Whether you are planning to cook a giant feast for friends at home or you are organising a BBQ session, this is the best place to shop for fresh ingredients in town!

Sea Bounty Mussels imported from Australia cost only HK$90 per kg as compared to the retail price of HK$158 per kg.

Canadian lobsters
Sea Bounty mussels from Australia.