Weapons used by riot police at Admiralty in the event of a stand off with protestors


12th June 2019 – (Hong Kong) Riot police officers getting off from police vehicles near Harbour Road were allegedly spotted with two types of weapons.

Semi-automatic AR-15 rifles

Automatic shoulder rifles such as the AK-47, M-16 and M4 rifles and semi-automatic rifles such as the AR 15, fire at a velocity of approximately 2400 to 3200 feet per second. Police handguns generally fire rounds at a much lower velocity of 900 to 1100 feet per second.

The rounds fired by these rifles will go right through police soft body armor. Conversely police handgun rounds will not penetrate soft body armor worn by bad guys.

Unlike semi-automatic handguns, these high-velocity rifles are deadly accurate from much longer distances and easier to control and fire. Under normal circumstances these long guns utilize magazines containing 20 or 30 rounds per magazine. This means that the shooter can fire numerous rounds before needing to reload.

In the current stand off, it is more likely that the guns are loaded with rubber bullets. Such weapons are prohibited for use in riot control in most Western European countries.These less-lethal weapons may be deemed essential to allow police to keep protesters and rioters at a distance, or to approach them for arrest without having to use weapons that can kill.


The riot shotgun is used by military personnel for guard duty and was at one time used for riot control, and is commonly used as a door breaching and patrol weapon by law enforcement personnel, as well as a home defense weapon by civilians. Guns of this type are often labeled as breaching shotgunstactical shotguns or special-purpose shotguns to denote the larger scope of their use; however, these are largely marketing terms.

Mossberg 590 pump-action riot shotgun, with 20-inch barrel, black plastic furniture, and long magazine tube