“Wealthy” young individual with 2 bodyguards at In One 1B project launch suspected to be linked to dubious crypto promotion scheme


28th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) In One 1B residential project in Ho Man Tin has launched its first round of sales with 179 units up for grabs, causing a stir not just because of its prime location but also due to the appearance of a mysterious figure believed to be a member of the “rich second generation.” The individual was seen visiting the show unit with two bodyguards earlier in the week and then queuing with the rest of the crowd to select his unit, dressed in a full white VERSACE suit, carrying a PRADA sling bag, and wearing an Hermes belt. However, it is still unknown whether he was successful in securing a unit at In One 1B.

A video surfaced on YouTube’s “private” account featuring a young man who claimed he was not a “rich second generation” but instead made his wealth through crypto investment. The video was sent to local media HK01 by an anonymous source claiming to be “in the know.” In the video, the man said that he is only 21 years old, and his parents are ordinary working-class people. He mentioned carrying millions of dollars in cash with him and wanted someone to protect him, and he is investing in cryptocurrency, and that’s how he plans to improve his family’s living conditions by purchasing a property.

The man said that he is only 21 years old, and his parents are ordinary working-class people. Picture source: HK01

However, the identity of the mysterious figure is still unknown, and the video’s authenticity has not been verified. Meanwhile, any fraudulent statements to induce others to purchase a property are considered a crime under the “First-Hand Residential Properties Sales Ordinance.” According to sources, the uploader of the video is a newly established company named Ninexus Limited, founded on 16th March this year. The company’s major shareholder is Clement Chan Ting Bong, who also goes by the name of Feng Shui Master Chan Ting Bang.

There are three founders of the company, with one major shareholder holding 49% of the shares named “Clement Chan Ting Bong,” who shares the same Chinese and English name as a feng shui master named Chan Ting Bong.”

Chan serves as a director for more than ten registered companies in Hong Kong under the names Chan Ting Bong in Chinese and Clement Chan Ting Bong Clement” in English, including Chan Ting Bong Studio Limited which shares the same registered address as “Ninexus Limited.”

The other two shareholders and directors of “Ninexus Limited” are TAM Hoi Wai and Leslie POON Hok Lun who serve as directors of other production companies. One of the companies’ official websites indicates that one of its clients is Chan Ting Bong.

When a HK01 reporter asked Chan Ting Bong about the suspected promotion of cryptocurrencies, Chan denied knowing anything about it. The “informant” who voluntarily provided the information did not respond to whether the promotion scheme was related to Chan Ting Bong and others.

Chan Ting Bong became famous years ago for appearing in a TV program as a “love feng shui master.” Besides promoting feng shui, in recent years, his video channels have occasionally shared information about investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Clement Chan’s YouTube Channel
Clement Chan

In November last year, a woman driving a Lamborghini with the wording “CryptoPARD” on the car was locked out of the vehicle at City One-Shatin, Hong Kong, sparking speculation that it was a publicity stunt for a cryptocurrency platform. The platform later attracted media attention by live-streaming the process of paying the fine to unlock the car on social media.

Meanwhile, a Canadian man who called himself a “crypto king” was allegedly kidnapped, held for three days, and tortured by investors he reportedly scammed out of $29 million to fund his lavish lifestyle. Aiden Pleterski, 23, is facing bankruptcy proceedings, with only US$1.6 million recovered so far. Reports suggest that Pleterski spent most of the funds on a private jet, a fleet of cars, and luxury vacations.

Aiden Pleterski with his Lamborghini.

Cryptocurrency scams have increasingly moved to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, with influencers often unknowingly promoting fake digital currencies. As interest in cryptocurrencies has surged, many investors have turned to social media adverts to buy digital currencies, which can be risky as these currencies are unregulated, and anyone can create their own coin or website to attract investments. Despite record highs, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have also suffered record declines in recent months, adding to the perception of their risky nature.