Wealthy couple’s shameful display sparks outrage after stealing from buffet in Shanghai


6th December 2023 – (Shanghai) A wealthy couple in Shanghai have been heavily criticised for their audacious behaviour at a local buffet. The couple, who drove to the establishment in a luxury vehicle, were caught on video taking twenty bottles of beverages from the restaurant without permission. They were later confronted by a staff member who pursued them to their car, parked in the establishment’s underground car park, demanding the return of the stolen items.

The video, which has since gone viral across mainland China, shows the couple seated in their high-end car, seemingly ready to depart, as a restaurant employee tries to reason with them. The staff member insisted on checking the woman’s handbag, suspecting it to be the hiding place for the purloined beverages. The woman, in response, flatly refused to comply.

The staff member, caught between the couple’s obstinacy and his duty to the restaurant, was heard explaining, “Since you have taken the drinks, I must check. I wouldn’t need to look in your bag if you hadn’t taken anything.” The woman countered this by demanding that the employee specify the ‘quantity’ of the stolen drinks before she would consider returning them.

The incident has sparked a fierce debate online, with netizens lambasting the couple for their appalling behaviour. Many called it a disgraceful act, while others labelled them as “poor people driving a luxury car”. Some suggested the staff should have insisted on the woman finishing all the stolen drinks on the spot. “Why didn’t they make her drink it all there and then? Even in the car park, she should have been made to drink it all!” one user commented.

The incident occurred on December 1st, as per local media reports. After enjoying a buffet meal, the couple covertly pocketed the twenty beverage bottles and attempted to leave the premises. The restaurant staff, noticing the theft, followed them to the underground car park and repeatedly asked them to return the stolen goods.

Despite the staff’s pleas, the couple refused to capitulate and even had the audacity to retort, resulting in only six bottles being successfully reclaimed. The public reaction has been one of widespread condemnation, with many criticising the couple’s audacious behaviour and calling for greater accountability in such instances.

As of now, the couple’s identity remains unknown, but the incident serves as a stark reminder of the sense of entitlement some individuals exhibit, regardless of their financial standing. It’s a sobering example of how wealth and material possessions do not always equate to a sense of decency or respect for others.