Water pipe burst causes mudflow on Third Street intersection in Western District


12th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) At precisely 7.33am today, a subterranean water pipe burst near the intersection of Fuk Sau Lane and Third Street in the Western District. As a result, muddy water gushed out onto the road, flowing downhill along the inclined path of Third Street. During this time, vehicles passing through the area had to navigate through the water, fortunately avoiding any accidents. Upon receiving the report, personnel swiftly arrived at the scene and coordinated with the relevant authorities to shut off the water supply and initiate emergency repairs. The incident has caused disruptions to the local traffic.

The burst water pipe incident created an unexpected spectacle as the muddy mixture streamed along the affected street, creating challenges for motorists who had to carefully traverse the waterlogged section. Despite the inconvenience caused, prompt action was taken to address the situation and minimise further complications. Authorities are diligently working to repair the damaged underground water pipe and restore normal traffic flow in the area.