Waste-charging scheme reintroduction dependent on suitable conditions, emphasises Tse

Tse Chin-wan

28th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Secretary for Environment & Ecology, Tse Chin-wan, recently announced a postponement in setting a specific date for the return of the waste-charging scheme in Hong Kong. Tse emphasised that the scheme will only be reintroduced when the conditions are deemed suitable.

This announcement follows the official shelving of the city’s pay-as-you-throw scheme, with the government stating that a decision on its future will be considered in the middle of next year, following an intensified focus on waste reduction efforts.

During a radio program, the environment chief explained that the government’s immediate priority is to concentrate on educational initiatives and promotional campaigns while simultaneously expanding recycling facilities. Tse highlighted the importance of assessing social sentiment and ensuring wider acceptance before gradually implementing the waste-charging scheme.

At present, Secretary Tse believes that it is unnecessary to establish a specific timeline for the scheme’s implementation. Instead, he emphasized the significance of improving relevant supporting measures to enhance the effectiveness and acceptance of the scheme.